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Hey Guys, been bz as hell lately cause of Lunar New Year, need to help out my mom for her factory at night. Actually I have something on my mind for quite awhile that I wanted to "paint" it out with my camera, went through an area which i loved alot... Hope that I can get to do it before I leave for my UK trip. Thanks for reading :) just a random post.

Random Shoot in HK

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did a random shot with my GF in the Hotel room just for fun :) we did it right after a long shopping spree in HK for both me and her... was kinda tired, took a few but only this turned out alright.

Random Shoot

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Location : China
Model : Rae
Photographer : soonjeat.madcat


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Did a photoshoot few months back for a friend's boutique called AME's

It was my first time so kinda nervous, lolz, anyway here are the photos

Photographer : soonjeat.madcat
Brochure Designer : Rae Koo & Xue Mei
Makeup & Hairdo : Rae Koo & Cheryl Chua
Art Direction : Xue Mei

more photos on Rae's Blog. Do check her out :)

its been awhile...

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its been awhile since I've posted something, its actually because I kinda bz now with
trying to move to the UK, because i've taken a study course over there for
one and a half year. will be posting something real soon.
argh~~!! bz bz bz